Lightning Experimental Modules

Lightning 1.1.0 introduces the concept of experimental modules

Lightning Experimental modules are provided with Lightning for testing purposes, but are not yet fully supported. Lightning Experimental modules are included in the Lightning (Experimental) package on the Extend page of a Lightning Drupal site (/admin/modules) and are displayed in a separate fieldset during interactive installation with an additional confirmation checkbox. Lightning Experimental modules are also not installed by default when installing Lightning.

The pattern for Lightning Experimental modules was taken from Drupal Core. The Core Experimental documentation should be consulted for anything not covered here.

It is strongly recommended that you do NOT enable experimental modules on a production site.

Current Experimental Modules

Lightning Preview

Lightning Preview (also referred to at the Workspace Preview System or WPS) was marked as experimental for the following reasons.

  • Relies on Multiversion which
    • Does not have a stable release
    • Modifies data structures
    • Leaves permanent changes in the database after being uninstalled
  • There are several scenarios where URL aliases might produce unexpected results, including:
    • Pathauto is enable, but rules are not configured for all content types
    • Overriding pathauto generated aliases
    • Aliases for all Entities other than Nodes
  • Blocks on the block listing page(s) are not properly filtered by workspace under certain circumstances
  • The Workspace listing page will display a PHP warning caused by the Workspace module which is effectively harmless but may look alarming
  • The Author user-reference relationship that is implicit with all Node Entities is lost when replicating from workspace to workspace. So if UserA creates NodeB on the Live workspace, and that node is pulled to the Stage workspace, the Stage workspace will be unaware of the author and will set the author to Anonymous. Furthermore, if an edit is then made to NodeB on the Stage workspace, and that edit is pushed back to Live, NodeB on the Live workspace will also lose its author.
  • There is no way to properly resolve conflicts. Users can delete the conflicting entity from one of the two workspaces to remove conflicts, but there is no interface for picking the winner and keeping both versions.

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