August 2017
In Lightning 2.1.7, we’re finally answering a long-standing question: if I’m managing my code base with Composer, how can I bring front-end JavaScript libraries into my site?
July 2017
We started receiving reports of broken Lightning builds due to the release of doctrine/common:2.8.0 and/or doctrine/inflector:1.2.0 which require php ~7.1 and php ^7.0 respectively. Lightning actually doesn't have a direct dependency on anything under the doctrine namespace. The dependencies come from drupal/core. So should drupal/core constrain doctrine/common to <=2.7.3 so that it continues to support php 5.6? No. If you follow the dependency tree for what happens when you run composer update for a Lightning project in a php 5.6 environment, it looks like this:
July 2017
In Lightning, Editors have always been able to choose a specific Image Style to use when embedding images in content with CKEditor, but it required quite a bit of setup by the site builder. Specifically, the site builder needed to create a view mode for each image style and then configure the view modes so that they would display the appropriate image style. Those view modes were then exposed as display plugins to Entity Embed. So the site builder then needed to configure the Media Browser embed button to allow those display plugins.
May 2017
Lightning has used the Layout Plugin module since before our first beta release. Starting in Drupal 8.3.0, the functionality provided by the Layout Plugin module was largely duplicated in Layout Discovery and released as part of the Core Experimental group. Lightning migrated to Layout Discovery in 2.1.1.
May 2017
(This was originally posted on Medium, and re-posted here by the author.) I added a useful function to the Lightning distribution of Drupal 8! Its purpose is to apply the Oxford comma (with the final conjunction) to an array of strings, returning a single nicely formatted string. I did this because I don’t enjoy seeing this kind of thing littered throughout Drupal:
March 2017
Core contributors are currently working on a solution for #2766957 Forward revisions + translation UI can result in forked draft revisions. This issue can affect users of Workbench Moderation (that is, users of Lightning) too though. The problem presents itself when:
February 2017
History One of the problems with Drupal distributions is that they, by nature, contain an installation profile — and Drupal sites can only have one profile. That means that consumers of a distribution give up the ability to easily customize the out of the box experience.
January 2017
Back in October of 2016, we launched an experimental version of Lightning's Workspace Preview System. While it is still marked as experimental, great progress has been made and we wanted to share some more details about how one might use WPS.
December 2016
Participants of the Authoring Summit at BADCamp (way WAY back in October 2015) identified about 20 user stories that they wanted out of Drupal. The following are demonstration videos of how Lightning addresses several of them. Media When I edit content I want to upload media from my computer to use in the content I am creating now and also content I create later so that I don’t have to upload things over and over. -and-
December 2016
Summary On Wednesday, December 14th, Lightning will release 1.14 and 2.0.0. 2.0.0 will be functionally identical to 1.14 but will point to the new official D.O packagist. 1.14 will include a script to update your project to 2.0.0. After updating to 1.14 as normal, simply run the following commands to update to 2.0.0:

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