Lightning Update, 29 June - 13 July

It seems like an arbitrary timeline (29 June to 13 July) but I give my internal update every other Wednesday, so I thought I'd share it with the larger community.

Issues Released with Lightning 1.01 (tagged 6 July)

#2752375: Cannot apply Panels patch
One of the mega-patches included binary files but it wasn't created with the --binary flag. Under certain circumstances, the patch failed to apply as a result. Basically, git apply failed and the system would then try to use the patch utility. If your patch utility was newer than 2.5.8, that failed as well. Our testing environment (Travis CI) used 2.5.8 so we didn't detect this bug.

Big thanks to mpotter for tracking down this bug down.

#2752429: updating video embed does not update thumbnail
Simple fix to update Video Media Entity's thumbnails if the Video itself is updated.

#2757473: Save to media library setting is ignored
This was a regression where all Media Entities, regardless of the Save to Media Library field setting, were displayed in the Library. We also added a test to avoid future regressions.

#2757481: Unable to select an item from library for embedding
Another regression that turned out to be a very tricky upstream caching problem with Entity Browser. We implemented a somewhat kludgey fix that involved clearing the render cache every time an media entity is saved. (Don't worry, we've fixed the problem upstream and we no longer clear the render cache)

This was another particularly tricky bug to diagnose and fix. Big thanks to phenaproxima for finding it, documenting it, filing and upstream patch, at ultimately fixing it. And thanks to slashrsm for working with him on it (and all the other amazing Media work).

#2757351: Update frontpage view to use [site:name] token
Simple and useful change. Also cool that it was opened by a non-acquian with a patch that we accepted. Thanks shanly!

#2734507: Provide standard way to extend Lightning
This is a simple implementation with a huge impact; dreamt up by grasmash and implemented by phenaproxima. See the main blog: Extending OOTB Experiences with Lightning. Some additional improvements are planned as well.

Added automatic update testing from previous releases to HEAD
Nice addition. Lightning CI now automatically tests update paths from previous versions. In the past, we had to run these tests manually.

#2759313: Lightning Media should not clear the render cache after entity operations
This is a fix to the fix we implemented in #2757481. We needed to wait for the upstream problem to be fixed in Entity Browser. This simply means that Lightning doesn't clear the render cache after saving media entities any more.

Issues committed to 8.1.x-dev

#276446: Extender class getRedirect method doesn't check to see if key exists before reading value
Two-line bug fix. This was harmless and simple, but it did result in a big red notice after installing Lightning that scared a lot of people.

#2764909: Embedded tweets do not appear in CKEditor
Another upstream issue that phenaproxima helped the media team resolve. Tweets are now displayed in CKEditor just like Instagrams and videos.

Working on - planned for 1.02

#2728777: Switch to from
We ran in to some problems here.'s packager simply doesn't support distributions yet. Although the reasons are a bit unclear. One thing is certain... the D.O packager doesn't respect Lightning's composer.json file in that none of Lightning's Drupal dependencies get installed.

I've filed this follow-up issue: Dependencies of dependencies aren't installed when both dependencies are pulled from against the Composer project, so hopefully we can help move that forward soon.

#2690423: Image cropping
Two main goals here: 1) Allow the same media entity to be cropped differently in different places and 2) Build it on top of Crop API.

Image browser field implementation
This is another big win that we've wanted for a long time. (It's actually one of our user stories that were identified way back at BADCamp last year.) This will allow users to (easily) add an image library field to an arbitrary entity.

Workspace Preview System

We have a very early working branch of the Workspace Preview System. (See #2677938: Implement a Workspace Preview System for details about what that means.)

You can check the branch out on GitHub: 8.2.x-2677938-wps. See the Lightning Developer Guide for help on building Lightning from source.

Some issues we have our eyes on that need to be answered (and will likely spawn many more issues):

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