Extending Lightning

The Lightning and Demo Framework teams plus Acquia's Professional Services team have been spending some time thinking about how we expect site builders to extend Lightning.

Site Builders often need to provide more out of the box or a different experience after the install process is complete. Discussions about Drupal providing true profile inheritance date back years. Right now, the only issue with a patch that moves the discussion forward is #1356276: Make sub install profiles load base profile modules/themes in correct order. There is a patch available. And it provides the ability to load modules and config from profiles - other than the installed profile. And it allows the developer to specify in what order they should be loaded. This is great, but it doesn't provide profile inheritance or extension, which is really what we're looking for.

As a proof of concept, I put together the Acme Lightning Extender Profile which uses the patch in #1356276 to load the modules and config in the Extender and then some magic to enable itself after Lightning has finished installing. It's clunky to say the least.

This all led to us opening #2734507 Provide standard way to extend Lightning. We explore three options, including the method used in Acme Lightning Extender:

  1. Use patch #133 from #1356276
  2. Work on making profiles truly inheritable
  3. Provide a method for site builders to build a profile containing the features in Lightning

We think there is a clear winner, but we'd love to hear from the community.

Share your thoughts.

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