May 2020
With the imminent release of Drupal 9, it’s a great time to give serious consideration to your update strategy. There is much to look forward to this time around, whether you are a Drupal veteran or new to the family.
December 2019
We have been hard at work developing a migration path from Panelizer 4, which is the layout system used by Lightning, to core's Layout Builder. It's finally ready to be tested.
July 2018
Since Layout Builder was added to Drupal core in 8.5, Lightning has had plans to adopt it and retire Panels and Panelizer. We've been working hard at closing the feature gap between out of the box Layout Builder and what Lightning Layout currently provides.
May 2018
Lightning 3.1.4 (released on 9 May) ships with a completely new content scheduler built in React. Here's an example of an editor scheduling a piece of content to be published on Friday and archived the following Monday:
March 2018
In response to PSA-2018-001, Lightning will be making the following releases on 28 March 2018:
February 2018
Installing a site with existing config has been a bit of a moving target in Drupal 8. At different times, I've recommended at least three different approaches. I won't go into too much detail, but basically we've used the following at times:
January 2018
Under certain circumstances, it might be necessary to build a specific version of Lightning with dependencies exactly as they were when it was released. But sometimes building older versions of Lightning can be problematic. For example, maybe the older version assumes an older version of a dependency, or a patch no longer applies with an updated dependency.
December 2017
The second of two major migrations this quarter is complete! Lightning 2.2.4 will migrate you off of Workbench Moderation and onto Core Workflows and Content Moderation. (See our blog post about Core Media, our first major migration.) The migration was a three-headed beast:
November 2017
This post was originally published on Medium. Ah, the config system. Crown jewel of Drupal 8, amirite? Well, yeah, it’s fantastic and flexible (as is most of Drupal). But if you have advanced use cases — such as building a system that alters config dynamically — there are traps you should know about.
October 2017
It's here! Lightning 2.2.1 provides a migration to the core media system that was introduced in Drupal 8.4.0.

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